Industrial Applications

Longer battery life, little to no maintenance, wider range of temperature performance, less weight and faster charging are advantages of Li-ion batteries. Warehouses and distribution centres need reliable power to keep workers productive and operations running at peak performance. Whether you’re running one lift truck or a whole fleet, a single-shift operation or multiple shifts, we have the right battery and charger solution for material- handling and other industrial applications.

Batteries are used for all devices and we take it for granted for robotics, as this is something that is at the back of your mind. But it is an important consideration when you develop a mobile robot as determines how long your robot will last in the field. ENERTAP manufactures several types of customized smart battery packs with RS232, RS485 for robotic application and Bluetooth communication. We have customisable solutions for your needs with systems ranging from 12V to 48V and beyond.


  • Robotics
  • Fork lifts
  • Power tools
  • Other industrial electronics