E-Mobility Applications

Niti Aayog emphasises on the sale of only electric vehicles by the year 2030. With Electric Vehicles coming into effect, there is a need of effective battery management solutions for it. Lithium Ion Technology has high energy density as compared to their weight proves to be the most prominent technology for electric vehicles. As we plan to make India the next manufacturing hub after china in terms of lithium ion battery packs. We focus on developing battery packs for E-cycles, E-bikes, EV’s and even for electric buses and trucks. Our battery packs for E-mobility applications will have highly developed thermal management system and sophisticated battery management system to deal with Indian environmental conditions. We have customisable solutions for your needs with systems ranging from 24V to 120V and beyond.


  • E-Cycle
  • E-bike
  • E-Scooter
  • E-Rickshaw
  • EV
  • HEV